Letter to Our Clients

To our valued clients—and those seeking something better,

In recent days, the banking industry has been making headlines for all the wrong reasons.

The failures of Silicon Valley Bank and Signature Bank of New York have once again created doubts about the stability of the financial sector. Many were surprised to see these two sizable banks collapse. We weren’t.

Strategically sound banking requires a well-rounded understanding of exposure, risk, and balance. The major banks that recently failed were in precarious situations. Both had high levels of unrealized securities losses and relatively large and poorly managed bond portfolios. In today’s rising-rate environment, this led to serious liquidity problems that culminated in the sudden collapse of those banks.

These events should reset customer assumptions about the security of their deposits as it relates to the size of “their” bank. Silicon Valley Bank had over $200 billion in assets, and Signature Bank had over $100 billion. The size of a bank simply doesn’t protect them against failure. Intelligent planning for the long term and a perspective on market conditions do.

In light of these recent events, we wanted everyone to know exactly where we stand.

Capra Bank currently sits at greater than four times the capital levels considered “well capitalized” by the U.S. Federal Reserve. We would challenge any bank in the country on that ratio. Capra Bank has little, if any, unrealized loss in our bond portfolio—a position that few banks in the country find themselves in. We have used zero brokered funding or Federal Home Loan bank advances and are a net seller (not borrower) to the Fed. On top of that, we offer insured cash sweep products that will heighten any client’s peace of mind. Clients with deposits over $250,000 can utilize these products to get up to $150 million* insured by the FDIC.

You deserve a partner that operates with integrity, stands on stable footing, and has an unimpeded view of what lies ahead. This is what Capra Bank represents.

It’s time to elevate your banking.


L.H. “Tut” Fuller
Chairman, CEO, and founder of Capra Bank

*Subject to applicable limits. Coverage amount is subject to change. Administered through the IntraFi Network.